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Islamic Supplication Browser
(Supplications & Salutations)
Common Adi'ya / Ziarats:



Welcome to the 'Islamic Supplication Browser' project. The aim of this project is to digitise & organize a comprehensive anthology of Islamic supplications (ad'iya), salutations (ziyaraat), and recommended actions (a'maal). For an introduction to Prayer in Islam refer to Introduction to Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya.

These prayers have been organized in the following manner:
  1. Main Ad'iya & Ziaraat: These are popular Supplications & Salutations that are frequently recited.
  2. Source: Prayers organized by their source.


Each Prayer can be viewed in any one of the following combinations:
  1. Arabic Text + Translation
  2. Arabic Text + Transliteration
  3. Arabic Text + Translation + Transliteration
  4. Translation + Transliteration
The option for these views can be selected from the drop-down menu found on the top left corner.


Each Prayer is available in the following formats:
  1. Web: This is the default format, made for viewing it online using a browser on the desktop
  2. Print: Use this format if you wish to print out the prayer for offline use.
  3. Powerpoint: The prayer can also be exported as a Powerpoint Presentation file.

Upcoming Features

Currently we're working on the following additions to the Project:
  1. Categorising by date: The prayers will be categorised based on the Islamic Calendar.
  2. Categorising by topic: The prayers will be categorised by topic.
  3. More Languages: Currently the prayers are translated only in English, but are working towards digitising them in other languages.
If you come across any errors or have any comments to make with regards to this project. You can send us an email from the Contact Us page.